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David Reed Speaks of His Broadband-Building Career

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From the University of Colorado Boulder's CU Connections:

How to Take a Library Course through Engineering Anywhere

Beth Webb describes cu engineering online library courses

Are you hoping to take a graduate engineering course, but it is not being offered in the semester you hope to take it? The Engineering Anywhere Course Library is an option that may make it possible to take the course, for credit, in the semester that works for you!

Computer Science Colloquium: Life Lessons and Data Center Performance Analysis

Data Center Performance Analysis

The Department of Computer Science at CU-Boulder holds colloquia throughout the Fall and Spring semesters. These colloquia are open to the public; stay informed by viewing the schedule or subscribing to the Colloquia Mailing List

Engineering Management Program, Student Spotlight: Andrea Watson


The International Energy Agency recently reported that wind and solar costs continue to fall and that “in just a few years, more power will come from renewables than from natural gas.[1]” The renewable energy field is exciting and dynamic, and an education from the CU-Boulder’s Engineering Management Program (EMP) is enabling Master’s student Andrea Watson to research renewable energy. She received an eight-month Fulbright grant to explore alternative energy use in Chile.

As Watson explains in her Fulbright project proposal, Chile is particularly interesting place to study energy: “increasing electricity generation is crucial to Chile’s continued economic development and success, yet, the choices are difficult: building new hydro dams on untouched Patagonian rivers, constructing expensive power plants that rely on a volatile supply of imported natural gas, or investing in coal-produced power with its heavy carbon footprint. Fortunately, renewable energy is also an option.”  

Hacking and Securing Mobile Applications (Video)

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Join Jim Goddard, Head of HP's Intelligence Security and Operations Consulting Practice in this webinar. You will learn about key mobile application risks and how then to remediate defects to provide privacy and security for the end user. By the end of the webinar, you will have clear ideas on how to identify common security best practices for mobile applications.

Engineering Anywhere Highlights for Prospective Students

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Did you know that you can watch class segments for a number of our engineering courses?

Free Webinar on Hacking and Securing Mobile Applications


Telecommunications (ITP), Faculty Spotlight: Douglas Sicker

Doug Sicker, ITP, Telecommunications, Faculty

Douglas Sicker, Director of the Interdisciplinary Telecom Program at the University of Colorado Boulder, recently served as NTIA’s Chief Technology Officer and Senior Advisor for Spectrum. He also holds the Denver Business Challenge Endowed Chair and is an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Colorado at Boulder, with a joint appointment in the Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program. Before joining NTIA, he was the Federal Communications Commission’s Chief Technology Officer. Previously, he served as a senior advisor on the FCC National Broadband Plan and, before that, as Director of Global Architecture at Level 3 Communications, Inc.

Engineering Management Program Featured on

From the article:

The Future of Cybersecurity

Future of cybersecurity image

It’s incredible how far we’ve come in the cyberworld—the cloud, big data, the list goes on. But with growth, comes threats.

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